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Friday, December 18, 2009


State Pathok Mosque "Sulthoni" located at Jl. Plosokuning Raya No. 99, Village Minomartani, Ngaglik district, Sleman regency, Yogyakarta. This mosque lies about 9 km north of Yogyakarta Kingdom. State Pathok mosque founded in Sulthoni Plosokuning Sultanate land area of 2500 m2. The mosque building erected at the area of 288 m2 and after the development of a 328 m2. Among the five State owned Pathok mosque Sultan's Palace, State Mosque Pathok "Sulthoni" in Plosokuning is the most up building sustainability.

History mosque

According to the religion department DIY sites there are several historic mosque in the province of Yogyakarta special region there are 27 places spread over several districts:

1. Bantul District: 9 Mosque
2. Gunungkidul District: 4 Mosque
3. Sleman District: 3 Mosque
4. District Kulonprogo: 2 mosque
5. Kota Yogyakarta: 9 mosque

the mosque is very close to the palace yogyakarta

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